To enroll in the programs, you must first register on the Koç University Online Programs platform. Some programs may be paid. For paid programs, you can contact the administrator of the program. Courses can be followed at any time, via remote access during the registered semester. You can pause the videos or watch them again. Some digital materials can be downloaded. Videos cannot be downloaded.

Program terms and durations are explained on each course’s details page. You can complete the courses at your own pace and according to the availability of your time. Program administrators can change program dates, add additional content, or close the program. For this reason, participants should frequently follow the communication channel determined by the program manager.

Some subsections may require prerequisites. To unlock the content, it is necessary to complete some subsections at the rates determined by the program manager. When these subsections are completed, locked contents will be activated. To progress in the program, these subsections must be completed respectively and, if any, the exam following the courses must be completed. Subsections that do not require prerequisites can be followed anytime. All completed subsections and units are marked with a green tick on the “Course” page within the course. You can track unfinished units from there.

Some programs may have timed or without time exams. In timed exams, the counter is activated after starting the exam. The exam will be closed when the time expires. For more information, please look at the “Help Center” documents below.