• You can save time from your synchronous course,
  • During the term, students can work in their pre-assigned rooms with the same room members together, if needed.

How many rooms can be created?

  • Up to 50 rooms can be created.

How many students can be pre-assigned to rooms?

  • Up to a total of 200 participants can be pre-assigned to breakout rooms.

Can my T.A pre-assign rooms and students?

  • No, only the instructors (hosts) can create rooms and pre-assign students.

Can my T.A visit all the rooms?

  • Yes, all the T.A’s (co-hosts) can visit the breakout rooms during the session unless they are pre-assigned to a room.

How can I pre-assign students to rooms?

  • You can pre-assign the students via uploading a CSV file or manually typing the usernames.

Here is the detailed guideline about how to pre-assign students.

Please enable screen sharing options before the creating rooms to increase student collaboration during the group activity. Here is the detailed guideline about how to enable screen sharing for participants.