What is the purpose of self and peer assessment?

You can use Self and Peer Assessments to assess students’ own performance and their peers’.


What are the benefits of self and peer assessment?

  • Encourages students to take responsibility.
  • Enhances the analytical, learning and subject material comprehension skills of students by giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Impacts academic integrity of the assessment process.


What are the benefits of using Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment tool?

  • Self-assessment can be enabled/disabled,
  • Criteria can be added to guide student’s evaluation process (for example, word count or number of submissions to review),
  • Anonymous evaluation can be enabled,
  • Grading by students can go to Full Grade Center if needed,
  • Students can give feedback to the submission,
  • It can be exported/imported along with the questions and criteria for later use.


The Assessment Timeline for Students

  • Submit their works before the submission period ends.
  • Evaluate other students’ works based on the assessment criteria before the evaluation period ends.

Please click here for more information about how to create and manage Blackboard Self and Peer Assessment tool.