For TAs: How to Teach in the Classrooms Workshop

Edtech offers How-to Teach in the Classroom workshop.

In this session we will cover the following topics

  • Hardware and connections (projector, camera, speakers, cables, etc.)
  • Camera presets
  • Teaching in the classroom for both face-to-face and synchronously via Zoom
  • Tips for better teaching experience
  • Q&A

Date and Time:

Session 1: 30.09.2021 10:30-11:15

Session 2: 30.09.2021 14.00:-14:45

Please bring your own device so that you can practice yourself after the workshop.
In addition to the trainings, you can also make a reservation on our booking page for one-to-one consultation. If you prefer, you can get a one-to-one workshop in a classroom.

E-learning Trackit System
Faculty members can use the e-learning Trackit system ( for all their inquiries about topics above.

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