Why should I take the CPAP 100 exam?

The basics of office applications are a must for everyone. The following are the reasons this program is offered to KU undergraduates: 

  • CPAP 100 aims to develop computational skills. These skills are required in students’ future courses, not only in courses with a CPAP 100 prerequisite. 
  • Good command of word processing and spreadsheet applications is either is in great demand or an asset in the majority of professional positions. 
  • Having formal knowledge in office software broadens the computational skills of students, helps them to come up with better solutions and provides a basis for future professional software learning. 

I have an issue with registration. What should I do?

For registration problems send an e-mail to registrar@ku.edu.tr with a screenshot of the error and request to be enrolled for the appropriate exam. 

How can I install MS Office?

Please follow the link to download and install the licensed version of Office 365 that the university provides. 

How can I see my grade?

You can see the result of your exam in KUSIS. Follow any of the paths below: 

  • Self Service -> Student Center -> My Academics -> View My Course History 
  • Self Service -> Program Enrollment -> My Progression Report 
  • Self Service -> Program Enrollment -> My Course Planner 

If I fail from one part, do I have to re-take the exam for both parts?

Students are required to score a minimum of 50/100 in both Word and Excel parts of the exam. When you fail one of them, you must re-take the exam for two parts.  

How can I access the scores I got from both Word and Excel?

Please contact the program coordinator about your score for each part. Book an appointment if you want to have an online session about the points you missed.

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