We offer two free plans for getting started with your learning journey on Coursera.

  • Coursera Koç University Learning Program
  • Koç University on Coursera (Formerly Coursera for Campus Basic Plan)

Please scroll down for more information and for the how-to register guide.

Coursera Koç University Learning Program

This program is sponsored by Koç University. Browse content from the Koç University Learning Program link.

Partner Consortium program has the following features:
  • Unlimited licenses for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Unlimited enrollments in Guided Projects and Courses.

This is where a group of invited learners have access to a catalog of courses (~3600 courses). Each “Learning Program” has a dedicated catalog of courses that only learners invited to join that program can access.

To join this program:

  1. Check your e-mail inbox and find the invitation e-mail from the EdTech department
  2. Click on the blue “Join Now” button

After the registration, you can log in with your KUNet ID and password via Single Sign-On.

  1. Go to Coursera.org
  2. Click “Log in” button

  3. Click the “Log in with your organization” button

  4. Type “ku.edu.tr”

If you created a Coursera account before with your KU email address, when you try to log in with SSO you have to connect this account to SSO. It will be automatically redirected.

Koç University on Coursera

Koç University on Coursera is an offering to access ~10000 Coursera courses and projects. This program has the following main features:

  • Unlimited Guided Projects
  • 1 Free Course per user per year

The renewal date: Oct 14th, 2022

This program is sponsored by Koç University.

What is the difference between a course, a Specialization, a guided project, and a Professional Certificate?

A course is a single academic topic learner may enroll in to attain knowledge in that specific subject area.

A Specialization is a series of related courses designed to help learners master a specific topic. Some shorter Specializations include as few as three courses and only take a few months to finish. Longer Specializations can include ten or more courses and take up to a year.

Guided Projects: Complete projects using real-world scenarios that prepare you to use what you learn on the job right away.

Professional Certificate programs on Coursera are programs that let you earn a professional certificate from the institution providing the course content for that program. A Professional Certificate:

  • Confirms that you have successfully completed the Professional Certificate program
  • Is issued by the institution that developed the program, not Coursera
  • Provides professional certification that may be recognized by another organization or school.

We remind you that this plan only includes one free course per year.

Are the courses, Specializations, or Professional Certificates worth academic credit?

Courses, Specializations, or Professional Certificates that are part of the Initiative offering are not-for-credit. Some accredited institutions may offer academic credit in connection with the completion of offerings like those made available in the Initiative program. If you are interested in learning more about academic credit, you should contact the accredited institution that you are interested in directly to discuss their policies for recognizing prior learning for credit.

Coursera for Campus Basic plan Learner Guide: A resource that explains the platform’s learner features.

Feel free to download the guides below.

Coursera for Campus Basic Learner Guide (PDF)

For more information please contact us.