Encourage Collaboration with Miro

Dear Faculty Members,

Given this vast and distributed landscape of collaboration tools, the difficulty of finding one to meet your goals can be time intensive. For faculty who are interested in learning more, want to explore, or try out a tool, IT offers a new webinar with Asst. Prof. Asım Evren Yantaç.
In this webinar, Asım Evren Yantaç will share his experience with Miro, an online visual collaboration platform, and some of the best practices that can easily be adapted in your classes.

Join us on Thursday, March 4 for Encourage Collaboration with Miro. Click here to add to your calendar.

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Meeting ID: 993 1232 2269
Passcode: 550024

Please take a look at the resources for Miro to benefit from the webinar the most.

Visually Collaborate with Miro Getting Started with Miro How to Organize Content & Manage Permissions Board Basics: Making Your First Miro Board How to Navigate Around A Miro Board
·       What is Miro ·       See comments

·       Plugins & Integrations

·       Customize Tool Bar

·       Share

·       Export

·       Present Mode

·       Teams

·       Projects

·       Boards

·       Templates

·       Sticky note

·       Tags

·       Cards

·       Line tool

·       Frames

·       Upload files from computer

·       Plugins & Integrations

·       Customize Tool Bar

·       Mouse mode

·       Trackpad mode

Collaborating on a Board How to Use Miro Templates How to Use Miro Grids Voting How to Use Visual Notes
·       Locate others

·       Add comments

·       Mention user

·       Export Images

·       Export PDF

·       Templates

·       Save board as a template

·       Create tables ·       Create voting

·       Vote

·       Visual notes

·       Tags


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IT Directorate.