Computer Proficiency Assessment Program

CPAP is a mandatory program for all Koç University undergraduates, except for the School of Medicine, to improve computer proficiency. Its aims are to develop and evaluate the skills of students in Microsoft Office Word (word processing) and Excel (spreadsheets). 

Upcoming CPAP 100 Exams



Nov 25, Th 2:00PM – 3:30PM SNA B149
Dec 6, Mo 10:00AM – 11:30AM SNA B149
Dec 15, We 2:00PM – 3:30PM SNA B149
Dec 22, We 10:00AM – 11:30AM SNA B149
Dec 29, We 10:00AM – 11:30AM SNA B149

Check frequently to see the new exam dates.

Please make sure to enroll in an exam on KUSIS.

– Watch how-to video: CPAP 100 Registration. Select Fall 2021 as the semester.

– If you receive errors about registration, please send an e-mail to with a screenshot of the error and request to be enrolled for the appropriate exam.

You can see the grade of your exam in KUSIS.

You will pass with an “S” Satisfactory grade or fail with a “U” Unsatisfactory grade. To obtain a passing grade you should score at least 50/100 in both Word and Excel parts of the exam.

If you fail the exam you can take it again. You can take a maximum of two exams in a semester; or more with the CPAP coordinator’s consent. 

Courses in which CPAP 100 is a prerequisite
We advise students to take CPAP 100 as early as possible so that they can make use of their new skills in their academic tasks. 

Moreover, CPAP 100 is a prerequisite for some courses at KU. In other words, some courses require students to first pass CPAP 100 to register for them. Check if the courses in your department require CPAP 100. Below are the courses in which CPAP 100 is currently a prerequisite*: 

Course Code   Course Title  
ARHA 410   Archaeological Method And Theory  
ARHA 467   Geographic Information Systems  
ECON 311   Introduction To Econometrics  
INTL 201   Research Methods In Social Sciences  
INTL 402  Policy Analysis & Evaluation  
MFIN 202   Introduction To Financial Management  
MGIS 301   Management Information Systems  
MKTG 201   Marketing Management  
OPSM 301   Operations Management  
PSYC 201   Scientific Methods In Behavioral And Social Sciences  
PSYC 210   Issues In Psychology  
QMBU 301   Quantitative Methods In Business  
QMBU 301   Quantitative Methods In Business  
QMBU 310   Introduction To Management Science 

 *By Spring 2021. This list may be subject to change, so please check with the Registrar’s Office if needed. 

Academic Regulations-Academic Integrity
Academic dishonesty in the form of cheating, plagiarism, or collusion are serious offenses and are not tolerated at Koç University. University Academic Regulations and the Regulations for Student Disciplinary Matters clearly define the policy and the disciplinary action to be taken in case of academic dishonesty. For more information, visit the links below.

Contact Info
Coordinator: Seda Akgül
Phone: (549) 796 3653
Office Hours: With appointment