Once you design the course structure and implement the materials and activities on the course page, you can copy the materials from one course to another.

  • Copy the materials to one of your other sections/courses.
  • Copy the materials from the previous semester to the course you are currently teaching. 

The copy operation will not remove your existing content. They will be merged.

To copy course content, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to your ‘source’ Blackboard course page where you would like to copy the content.

2. Under ‘Course Management‘, expand the sections one by one: ‘Control Panel -> ‘Packages and Utilities and click ‘Course Copy

3. Please select ‘Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course’ in the ‘Select Copy Type‘ section.

4. Click ‘Browse’ to select the course that you want to copy the content to.                                         
5. Select the course on the list and click ‘Submit.

6. In the ‘Select Copy options, click and select the course materials you want to be copied. 

7. Select the ‘File Attachment‘ option as ‘Copy links and copies of the content.
Important Note: Please skip the ‘Enrollments‘ section since the enrollment information is integrated with KUSIS. 
8. Click ‘Submit’ to start the process. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the course copy is complete.