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Sample Exams
– Check the sample Word Processing exam question.

– Check the sample Excel exam question. Please be reminded that exam questions are not limited to this material.

– There are two questions in this exam which are Word Processing and Excel Spreadsheets. You must get 50/100 from each question to pass CPAP 100 Exam.

Exam Tips
Gaining good skills requires basic knowledge and hands-on experience in word processing and spreadsheet applications. There are some small points that might help to increase your success in the exam: 

– Watch video resources: Follow the topics and capture the crucial points in the videos. 

– Practice: Apply what you have learned from tutorials to examples. 

– Participate in workshops: Workshops are a good opportunity to practice your skills, ask your questions and receive immediate feedback from the instructors on-the-go. Follow the examples in the workshops, and redo them later by yourself.  

– Read additional material: Find books, websites, and videos that provide information about the topics included in this course.

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