Word Resources

Click here to access Word Workshop (Blackboard login required). 

Click here to access recommended Word videos (included in the exam).

Alternatively, click here to benefit from written materials and screenshots.

Excel Resources

Click here to access recommended Excel videos (included in the exam). 

Alternatively, click here to benefit from written materials and screenshots.

Sample Exams
– Check the sample Word Processing exam question.

– Check the sample Excel exam question. Please be reminded that exam questions are not limited to this material.

– There are two questions in this exam which are Word Processing and Excel Spreadsheets. You must get 50/100 from each question to pass CPAP 100 Exam.

Exam Tips
Gaining good skills requires basic knowledge and hands-on experience in word processing and spreadsheet applications. There are some small points that might help to increase your success in the exam: 

– Watch video resources: Follow the topics and capture the crucial points in the videos. 

– Practice: Apply what you have learned from tutorials to different examples. 

– Participate in workshops: Workshops are a good opportunity to practice your skills, ask your questions and receive immediate feedback from the instructors on-the-go. Follow the examples in the workshops, and redo them later by yourself.  

– Read additional material: Find books, websites, and videos that provide information about the topics included in this course. However, to go beyond the limits of the exam, you can check out the advanced lectures at the bottom of the page. 

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