Students’ achievement can be increased when you design a course structure based on their needs and learning styles. You can choose when and which students will have access to course material, such as tests, assignments, or other materials. The ‘Adaptive Release’ option, which you can apply to all the objects in the course content area, allows you to create such a structure. 

We want to suggest the following ideas:

  • If you need a specific student or group of students to take a make-up exam, you can set membership criteria and date criteria.
  • Different assignment/quiz sets can be released for different groups of students.
  • You can provide an additional resource that will help students who have poor test results.
  • For materials requiring sequential viewing, you can create a review rule.
  • If you have more than one section or course where the rule applies, you can copy it to the others rather than create a new one.

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